Henderson Family at Grindal (Carroll) Shoals

November 19, 2013


PART THREE: BY ROBERT A. IVEY Anna B. Henderson, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Williams Henderson, was born March 13, 1739, in Hanover County, Virginia.  She married Daniel Williams, son of Daniel and Ursula Henderson Williams, at Oxford, Granville County, North Carolina, on July 31, 1755.  Daniel was born July 2, 1736, at Old Fork […]

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Henderson Family at Carroll (Grindal) Shoals

September 23, 2013


 PART TWO: BY ROBERT A. IVEY ELIZABETH HENDERSON, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Williams Henderson, married JOHN (JACK) BECKHAM, son of William Benjamin and Phyllis Mackey Beckham, on August 12, 1761, in Oxford, Granville County, North Carolina.  (RootsWeb’sWorldConnect Project: AWT—Beckham—Ela by Timothy Beckham) William Williams was bondsman at John Beckham’s marriage to Elizabeth Henderson.  Bond […]

James Robertson and the Book Horseshoe Robinson Part II

August 3, 2013


MARY MUSGROVE AND HER FATHER, EDWARD MUSGROVE’S FAMILY This is a study in process that must be read, corrected and re-examined especially in years to come.  The author offers his special thanks to the individuals who have made an effort to preserve the memory of this family’s earthly pilgrimage. By ROBERT A. IVEY  Cuthbert and […]

Henderson Family at Carroll (Grindal) Shoals

September 27, 2011


Part One: BY ROBERT A. IVEY The surname of Henderson is derived from Henry–Henry’s son, which in time became Henrison, Hendrickson, Henderson.  The name is Scottish, the family having lived there since the fifteenth century with the chief seat being at Fordell, County Fife.  (People Family Search, Our Family History, the Barnard Family Story, Introduction […]

A History of Gilead Baptist Church

August 5, 2011


BY ROBERT A. IVEY According to tradition, the first meeting-house in the Grindal Shoals community was built in the Littlejohn and Nuckolls settlement as early as 1767.  This building, constructed by William Marchbanks and William Sims, was used for a number of years as a place of worship for all denominations.  The Goucher Baptist Church, the […]

Family of Robert Coleman Sr.

July 5, 2011


 BY ROBERT A. IVEY  Robert was the son of William and Faith Godfrey Coleman and was born in Amelia County, Virginia, in 1710.  He had five brothers and one sister. His first wife was Susanne Phillips.  Susanne was a member of the Huguenot Colony, Manakin of Virginia.  They had two children, Lucy and Frances, both […]

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The John Jasper Family

July 5, 2011


BY ROBERT A. IVEY. The statue of Sergeant William Jasper, located in the center of Madison Square at the corner of Bull and Charlton Streets in Savannah, Georgia, has a plaque on the statue which reads: “To the heroic memory of Sergeant William Jasper, who though mortally wounded rescued the colors of his regiment in the […]

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